AGV K1 Helmet Review for 2023

Our Verdict:


  • Available in a variety of different colours/designs
  • ECE 22.06 approved
  • Shares design elements with the vastly more expensive AGV Corsa and Pista product lines
  • 190-degree horizontal view provides brilliant all-round visibility


  • Pinlock anti-fog insert isn’t included 
  • Ventilation sliders can be difficult to operate with gloves on


The AGV K1 is one of the best entry-level sportbike helmets available on the market today. Aggressive styling, high safety performance scores, and the overall no-frills approach allow the K1 to hit the sweet spot between price and performance.

Here’s What You’ll Love:

  • Undeniable good looks: It goes without saying that the K1 is a great-looking helmet, perhaps the best among its rivals. Whether you want to feel like Rossi or simply add some Italian flair to your wardrobe, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option within this bracket.
  • Tried and tested: Since its inception in 1947, the brand has been an unrelenting force in the industry with a proven track record for safety and performance. By opting for AGV, you can be sure that you’re investing in the pinnacle of motorcycle helmet development.
  • Jack of all trades: Lightweight, comfortable & aerodynamic, there isn’t much the AGV K1 can’t do. If you’re looking for a helmet that’s capable of spirited road riding, crunching miles, or even the odd track day, this might just be the one for you!

Here’s What You Probably Won’t Like:

  • The sun in your eyes: Unlike some of the K1’s less-sporty rivals, it doesn’t come with an internal sun visor. With that said, a smoked visor (which looks seriously good on this helmet) will set you back an additional £30 or so.
  • A misty visor: Unfortunately, the K1 doesn’t come with a pinlock anti-fog insert despite the visor being pinlock ready. At this price point though, can you really complain?

Where Does The AGV K1 Really Shine?

Despite being aimed at the budget-conscious segment of the market, the K1 packs a hefty punch for the price! When you dive beneath the surface, it’s clear to see that the helmet not only shares design cues with AGV’s top-of-the-line offerings, it’s directly influenced by them.

Construction & Aerodynamics

As you should have come to expect at this price point, the shell is constructed from thermoplastic resin, however, this is no bad thing! Weighing in at a relatively lightweight 1500g, the K1 still impressively boasts ECE 22.06 certification.

If it isn’t evident from the images, this helmet is no slouch in the aerodynamics department, either. Capitalising on the research and development invested in the likes of the Corsa and Pista helmets, the K1 slices through the air like a hot knife through butter!

And, most important of all, it has a bloody spoiler! Intended to improve stability at higher speeds, it also makes you look and feel faster which must be equivalent to at least a few horsepower, right?

Joking aside, the AGV K1 helmet is lightweight, well-constructed, and produces little to no buffeting at speed.

Ventilation & Helmet Noise

This helmet was designed using AGV’s Integrated Ventilation System, a product of the research and development we mentioned earlier. In short, this system feeds cool air through intake vents in the front of the helmet and out of exhaust ports in the rear spoiler.

So, does it actually work?

We’re pleased to report back that it does indeed work. Pretty damn well, actually!

The triple forehead vents are relatively easy to operate while on the move, though the internal slider used to operate the dual chin vents can prove more difficult. This is probably our biggest gripe with the K1, which should highlight just how much we actually liked this helmet!

Now, we wouldn’t blame you for assuming the helmet was noisy based on the airflow, but you’d be wrong. Despite the numerous air channels and dedicated space in the padding for glasses, the K1 is relatively quiet. When considering the fact you should be wearing earplugs anyway, this helmet should be more than quiet enough, even at speed.

Sizing & Fit

The K1 is a medium oval helmet that fits true to size based on our testing. This helmet is available in a total of 7 sizes, including 2 different shell sizes. We’ve included a handy AGV K1 size guide below to help illustrate this:

SizeCMShell Size

After choosing the correct size, this helmet fit like a glove right out of the box. Even after a full day of spirited riding (for testing purposes), the K1 proved to be extremely comfortable. 


The Dry-comfort lining is made up of three separate parts, all of which can be removed, washed, and refitted as needed. 

Should you need to switch out the lining at any point, individual replacements can be easily sourced online.


If you’ve ever tried on an AGV helmet, you should be familiar with the large aperture their helmets offer. If not, the 190-degree horizontal view provides excellent peripheral vision, reducing the amount of rotation required for shoulder checks. 

The anti-scratch treated visor is fitted with a tab on the left-hand side, which is incredibly easy to locate and operate, even when riding. 

From the factory, the helmet is fitted with ratchets that provide six positions of adjustment. AGV is also kind enough to throw in two additional pairs, one for racing (which has latches at fully open and closed), as well as a pair with a larger cracked open stage.

As previously mentioned, the stock visor comes pinlock ready but sadly, you’ll need to fork out extra as there isn’t one included. 


The AGV K1 comes fitted with a double-d ring fastener with a popper to secure the loose end.  A simple yet reliable solution, but it’s bloody difficult to do up with gloves on!

Colour Options

We tested the K1 in gloss black, but there are A LOT of different colours and designs to choose from.

Some of the more prominent designs include:

  • Guy Martin Replica
  • Dreamtime
  • VR46 Soleluna 2015 Replica
  • Winter Test 2015
  • Flavum 46
  • And the list goes on…

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between the AGV K1 and K1-S?

The main difference between the AGV K1 and K1-S is the K1-S’s upgraded visor, offering a wider field of view and anti-scratch treatment for enhanced visibility. The AGV K1-S also features an improved spoiler design, providing superior aerodynamics, stability, and airflow at higher speeds.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an entry-level motorcycle helmet that looks good, is comfortable to wear, and will undoubtedly keep you safe in an accident, why look any further than the AGV K1?