5 Best RST Boots Review for 2023

RST TracTech Evo 3


RST Paragon 2


RST Roadster 2


Regardless of the gear you already own or the riding you do, we’re sure that RST has a pair of boots to suit your preference. Read on to see our detailed reviews and stick around for our buying advice at the end!

RST TracTech Evo 3 BootsMicrofiber4.8Check Price
RST Paragon 2 BootsPU Leather4.5Check Price
RST Roadster 2 BootsFull-Grain Cowhide Leather4.2Check Price
RST Adventure 2 WP BootsPU Leather4.0Check Price
RST Urban 2 BootsFull-Grain Cowhide Leather4.0Check Price

1. RST TracTech Evo 3 Boots

Our Verdict:

Make no mistake; the TracTech Evo 3’s are not your average pair of road-going motorcycle boots. The Evo 3’s have been relentlessly tested on both the street and track to provide a perfect balance between performance, comfort, and user-friendliness.

This boot boasts an impressive level 2/2/1 CE certification and TPU-molded heel and shin armour. This level of protection is enough to safeguard and inspire riders of all skill levels, regardless of whether they’re setting lap times or carving up streets.

The pairing of perforated leather and multi-density soles provides a level of comfort that is almost unheard of in this section of the market. Combined with rider-focused features such as replaceable toe sliders and a reinforced gear shift pad, these boots are a weapon that any rider would be fortunate to have at their disposal.

If you couldn’t already tell, we highly recommend the TracTech Evo 3’s!


  • Abrasion-resistant microfiber PU construction
  • Breathable membrane for extra comfort
  • Reinforced gear shift protection pad
  • Anti-slip multi-density sole
  • Replaceable hard-wearing toe sliders
  • Suitable for track & road riding
  • CE certified (Level 2/2/1)


  • A rather snug fit until properly broken in

2. RST Paragon 2 Boots

Our Verdict:

The RST Paragon 2’s are the ultimate waterproof touring boots in this lineup. Designed to resist the elements with no compromises made when it comes to rider safety, they are arguably the perfect all-round solution to motorcycle footwear.

Equipped with a breathable Hipora waterproof membrane, TPU-molded shin, ankle, and heel protectors, and an equally impressive level 2/1/1 CE certification, the Paragon’s are built to perform time and time again. The construction also features PU-coated leather and integrated heel vents to increase breathability and ensure that your feet stay dry and warm regardless of the conditions!

This particular boot has been designed with longevity in mind. The vulcanized rubber sole, double-stitching throughout, and a reinforced gear shift pad all ensure that you’ll be able to exploit these boots for multiple seasons without a second thought.

As if the paragons weren’t already an incredible deal, the added benefits of reflective detailing and the comfort-focused touring cut should be enough to sway your decision. These are the boots that keep on giving and we’re absolutely sold on them as a result!


  • PU-coated leather construction
  • Hipora waterproof membrane
  • TPU shin, ankle and heel protector
  • Reinforced gear shift protection pad
  • Vulcanized anti-slip rubber sole
  • Reflective detailing for increased visibility at night
  • Double-stitched seams throughout
  • Touring cut for extra comfort
  • CE certified


  • A rather snug fit until properly broken in

3. RST Roadster 2 Boots

Our Verdict:

In the market for a pair of retro-styled boots that are just as functional on the bike as they are off of it? Look no further than the Roadster 2’s from RST.

These boots offer a sense of class and sophistication that your typical leather sports boots just can’t compete with. Whether that’s just your style, or you’re wanting a pair of boots that look just as at home in the office, the roadsters provide a value proposition unlike any of the others on this list.

Sporting a full-grain cowhide construction, Hipora waterproof membrane, and mesh internal lining, this boot offers riders a classic look with all of the modern features that we’ve come to love and appreciate. 

The RST Roadster 2’s far exceeded our expectations and are the boots we would recommend to any gentlemen looking to take his style game to the next level.


  • Full-grain cowhide leather construction
  • Internal waterproof lining
  • Heavy-duty stitched sole
  • PU internal ankle reinforcement
  • Mesh lining for increased comfort
  • Reinforced heel and toe box
  • Leather gear change pad
  • Casual enough to be worn on and off the bike
  • CE certified (Level 1/1/2)


  • Retro styling may only appeal to certain riders
  • Started to let in water when rigorously tested
  • Less suitable for warm weather due to lack of breathability

4. RST Adventure 2 WP Boots

Our Verdict:

This formidable pair of RST boots are designed to withstand the most severe conditions you’ll ever encounter on two wheels.

Aimed towards the adventure and touring segment of the market, the Adventure 2’s are built to last and boast an impressive list of features to achieve that. The construction consists predominantly of microfiber reinforced leather with the addition of TPU heel and shin protection. This pairing results in a confidence-inspiring level 2/2/2 CE certification.

The Hipora membrane also provides an impressive level of waterproofness while still providing your feet with an adequate amount of breathability. This culminates into a pair of boots that are both comfortable and fit for their job in equal measure.

Features such as the multi-terrain sole and ratchet fasteners elevate the Adventure 2’s above everything else on this list when riding in tough conditions. 

We highly recommend these boots to individuals fond of touring or pushing the boundaries of adventure motorcycling.


  • PU coated leather reinforced with microfiber
  • Waterproof lining
  • Double alloy buckle and Velcro closure
  • Leather panels provide extra abrasion resistance
  • Hard-wearing multi-terrain sole
  • Triple density comfort arch support
  • Memory foam & TPU reinforced shin protection
  • Reinforced gear change pad
  • External PU shin, ankle and heel protector
  • CE certified


  • Can become uncomfortable around the buckle points
  • Rigidity allows for a smaller range of movement
  • 5. RST Urban 2 Boots

    Our Verdict:

    Don’t be fooled by their deceivingly good looks. The RST Urban 2 packs a pretty hefty punch!

    These boots were designed to blur the lines between casual wear and motorcycle gear by implementing the core elements of a traditional motorcycle boot into the silhouette of a trainer.

    Featuring a full-grain cowhide construction, mesh internal lining for added comfort, and reinforced heel and ankle protection, the CE-certified RST Urban 2 really does punch above its weight. 

    The casual look lends itself incredibly well to beginner riders and is a much safer alternative to regular high street trainers. With that being said, these are still a great casual solution for those well-versed in the world of motorcycling too!


    • Full-grain cowhide leather construction
    • Memory foam reinforced ankle support
    • Reflective detailing for increased visibility at night
    • Internal mesh lining for extra comfort
    • Reinforced gear change pad
    • Casual enough to be worn on and off the bike
    • Hard-wearing laces
    • CE certified


    • No shin protection
    • Only water-resistant (not waterproof)
    • Some users have reported quality control issues

    Why Choose RST Boots?

    Founded in 1988, RST knows a thing or two about motorcycle gear! The brand stands out in a market saturated with inferior gear purely aimed at cashing in on our passion for two wheels.

    RST boots offer a price to performance ratio that is pretty much unrivalled in the industry, and the brand offers a ton of different options and styles to suit a range of riders.

    Things to Consider When Buying RST Boots

    We know that parting with your hard-earned cash is no easy task. We’ve spent countless hours researching everything there is to know about RST boots so that you don’t have to! Read on to find all of the answers you’ve been looking for.

    RST Boots Size Guide

    Choosing the right size boot is crucial for several reasons. An ill-fitting pair of boots will not only be uncomfortable but the gear shift pad and armour will be misaligned with your foot. This could be detrimental in an accident, so we’ve included this handy size chart to help you make the right decision!

    Size Chart4041424344454647
    UK Size67891010.51112
    USA Size6.


    Full-grain, PU coated, microfiber reinforced, what does it all mean, and which material should I choose?


    Full-Grain leather refers to the strongest, most durable part of the hide located just beneath the hair. This type of leather lends itself perfectly to motorcycle boots as it’s more water-resistant and hard-wearing.

    PU Coated

    PU Coated Leather is created by bonding split leather (the bottom layer of hide) with Polyurethane. This is an artificial type of leather that is entirely waterproof when applied and treated correctly.


    Microfiber Leather is an artificial type of leather created by reinforcing PU Coated leather with microfibers. The microfiber vastly increases abrasion resistance, durability, and breathability.


    Our feet alone are made up of 26 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. As such, it’s vital to purchase quality footwear to keep yourself protected while riding!

    The extensive range of RST boots available provides riders with a high standard of protection, using some of the best materials and micro-technologies available today. For example, the RST Adventures 2’s utilise a combination of:

    • PU coated leather
    • Hard-wearing rubber
    • Memory foam
    • Microfiber reinforcement 
    • Hipora waterproof membrane


    For the fair-weather riders among us, waterproofness might not be as much of a consideration as it is to those of us who commute during the wet winter months. Even then, if you live in Britain, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually get caught out in a spot of rain regardless of how hard you try not to.

    Untreated leather is prone to cracking when exposed to moisture over a prolonged period, so it’s worth considering how often your boots are likely to see rain (or wet mud). For instance, TrachTech Evo 3’s favour abrasion-resistance over the waterproof Hipora membrane of the Paragon 2’s, so the right boot for you depends on the riding you’re most likely to be doing.

    Thankfully, all of the RST motorcycle boots on this list are primarily constructed from leather, ensuring at least some level of water resistance. 


    The fastening method that’s right for you will depend on the type of riding you plan to do.

    Ratchet fasteners lend themselves more to off-road and adventure motorcyclists are they tend to be bulkier and more durable. On the other hand, zips, Velcro, and laces are much more compact and lend themselves primarily towards street and track use.


    Gone are the days where compromises had to be made. It’s no longer a toss-up between protection or style; RST boots tick both of those boxes!

    Consider pairing them with a matching pair of RST gloves for extra style points at your next bike meet!

    Whether you ride on the track or street, ride a supersport or a cafe racer, the brand has got you covered. Here are our top picks based on a few different styles of riding:


    RST motorcycle boots offer a level of quality, safety, and performance unmatched by any other brand at this price point. For this reason, RST has become the go-to brand for many UK riders, and we’re in total agreement with them!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and would greatly appreciate it if you check out our other reviews and resources!