5 Best RST Gloves Review for 2023

RST Tractech Evo


RST Freestyle


RST Roadster 2


RST offers a wide variety of gloves, including everything from track-focused leather gauntlets to vintage-inspired options and everything in between. We’re confident that this guide will help you to find the right pair of RST gloves no matter your style!

RST Tractech Evo GlovesLeather4.8Check Price
RST Freestyle GlovesLeather4.5Check Price
RST Roadster 2 GlovesLeather4.2Check Price
RST Urban Air 2 GlovesLeather & Mesh4.0Check Price
RST Rider GlovesSynthetic Hybrid3.8Check Price

1. RST Tractech Evo Gloves

Our Verdict:

The RST Tractech Evo’s are quite frankly an absolute steal when pit against their rivals. These gloves boast an impressive number of safety and performance features that will leave riders with a lingering sense of confidence.

Silicon Powergrip lines the fingers and palm area to ensure optimal performance, while the split carbon knuckles, aramid fibre lining, and finger join protection all provide a reassuring level of safety.

In short, the Tractech Evo’s are a formidable pair of RST gloves that are still more than comfortable enough to wear for prolonged periods.


  • CE Certified for road use
  • Premium grade-A Analine cowhide construction
  • Perforated for extra ventilation
  • Aramid fibre used to line the palm 
  • Double cuff and wrist closure
  • Split carbon fibre knuckles
  • Finger bridge for added safety


  • Comfort is less of a consideration compared with more casual options

2. RST Freestyle Gloves

Our Verdict:

If you’re looking for a pair of road-focused sports gloves that not only look the part but provide more than adequate protection, then the RST Freestyle gloves are a solid choice.

The shorter cuff and perforated leather provide excellent ventilation for the warm summer months. The combination of stretch panels and pre-curved fingers ensures maximum comfort levels right from the offset.

The RST Freestyle’s offer a middle ground between outright performance and comfort, so we think they’re best suited to riders looking for a pair of gloves designed for the road yet inspired by the track.


  • CE Certified for road use
  • Cowhide leather construction
  • Perforated for extra ventilation
  • Double layered in the palm
  • Carbon knuckle protectors
  • Pre-curved fingers & stretch panels for extra comfort


  • The short cuff can rub against leathers
  • Single velcro closure

3. RST Roadster 2 Gloves

Our Verdict:

This vintage-inspired option from RST is perfect for the rider looking to achieve a classic look while still retaining a modern level of protection. RST offers the Roadster 2’s in Tan, Black, and Brown leather variants to suit your preference.

At first, we found these gloves to be relatively stiff, although not at all uncomfortable. Despite our initial reservations, the RST Roadster 2’s were speedy to break in, requiring just a few short stints in the saddle to become a lot more supple and less restrictive. 

In summary, if you’re looking for a pair of retro-style motorcycle gloves without wanting to compromise on the modern safety features that we’ve come to love and appreciate, this pair might just be right for you.

Bonus tip: We highly recommend styling these gloves with the Roadster 2 Jacket to match!


  • CE Certified for road use
  • Constructed using hard-wearing cowhide leather 
  • Soft internal polyester lining
  • Double-layered palm area
  • Integrated TPU knuckle protection (leather covered)
  • Elastic wrist with a snap button fastener
  • Stretch panels on fingers for extra comfort


  • Leather can be quite stiff when new
  • The styling might not appeal to as many riders

4. RST Urban Air 2 Gloves

Our Verdict:

Ideal for the warmer months, the RST Urban Air 2’s are a casual pair of summer motorcycle gloves designed with comfort and breathability in mind. This is achieved through a clever combination of mesh and leather panels which promote airflow while still providing you with a high level of abrasion resistance.

As you should have come to expect from RST by now, the Urban Air 2’s come with pre-curved fingers, integrated knuckle protection, and a soft internal lining which renders them a worthy contender on our list.


  • CE Certified for road use
  • Made using cowhide leather
  • Mesh panels for maximum breathability 
  • Double-layered palm section
  • Soft-touch internal lining
  • Integrated PU knuckle protection


  • Less protection than a full leather construction
  • Single velcro closure
  • Some riders have reported poor stitching

5. RST Rider Gloves

Our Verdict:

The RST Rider’s are the perfect pair of gloves for buzzing around town or as a lightweight alternative to your go-to pair due to the nature of their synthetic construction.

While these don’t provide the same level of protection that the other gloves on this list offer, the RST Rider’s provide individuals who might have otherwise skipped gloves an adequate amount of protection at an incredibly affordable price.

We highly recommend these gloves to beginners looking to get geared up on a tight budget or anyone hesitant about investing in more expensive gear just yet.


  • CE Certified for road use
  • Synthetic Hybrid Construction for improved airflow
  • Reinforced palm
  • Memory foam knuckle Protection
  • Mesh comfort inner lining
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fantastic value


  • Single velcro closure
  • Synthetic construction provides far less protection than leather
  • Not waterproof

Why Choose RST Gloves?

RST was founded in 1988 and set out to redefine the industry by creating motorcycle gear that was equally as innovative as it was cost-effective for consumers. Since creating its first product line, which coincidentally happened to be a pair of gloves, RST has become an industry leader and is now the official safety partner of the Isle of Man TT and Classic TT races. 

If it’s good enough for the TT, it’s good enough for us!

Things to Consider When Buying RST Gloves

As with any purchase, particularly those involved with your safety and well-being, several factors should be considered when choosing the right pair of motorcycle gloves. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

RST Gloves Size Chart

The fit of your gloves will dictate how well they hold up in an accident and your ability to operate the controls with precision. We’ve included the official size chart for RST gloves below to help you take out the guesswork and ensure a proper fit.

Size Chart7-XS8-S9-M10-L11-XL12-XXL
Length (cm)20.221.622.423.22424.8
Width (cm)8.599.51010.511
Wrist Circumference (cm)8.59.510.511.512.513.5

As a general rule of thumb, your gloves should be snug (not tight) against your hands while providing minimal resistance when extending your fingers.

It’s also important to make sure that the closure is working as intended, so you’re able to secure your gloves to your hand without the possibility of them sliding off.


In this guide, we’ve covered a range of different RST gloves, including leather, synthetic, and mesh options, to suit various riders.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a pair of motorcycle gloves, you might be more suited towards one option than another. For instance, if you’re partial to the odd track day, then the Urban Air 2’s might be less suitable than the Tractech Evo’s due to the lack of abrasion resistance.

The secondary materials used throughout the gloves should also be taken into consideration. Safety features such as Kevlar or carbon fibre knuckle protection, double-stitching, and extra layering on the palm should all factor into your decision.


Much to our despair, it isn’t uncommon to see the odd shower or a seemingly drastic change in temperature during the summer months here in the UK. With that in mind, it’s important to consider things like airflow and heat retention, as well as waterproofness, when choosing your next pair of gloves.

If you’re planning to ride or commute during the winter months when it’s likely to rain, we highly recommend investing in a pair of quality waterproof gloves.


Motorcycle gloves don’t have one singular purpose. They’re designed to protect your hands in the event of an accident, as well as provide you with greater control over your motorcycle.  

It’s worth bearing in mind that while often warm and waterproof, bulky motorcycle gloves leave you with a distinct lack of feel when operating the motorcycle, which is far from ideal.

The key takeaway here is to make sure that you’re comfortable wearing your gloves while riding your motorcycle, not just when trying them on.


As much as we hate to admit it, we’re all a little vain from time to time, and it’s no different when we’re on the bike.

Thankfully, RST gloves are some of the most stylish on the market today, and all types of riders are catered for due to their vast selection.

Like we mentioned above, RST tends to create product lines that feature jackets, boots, gloves, and jeans, so consider buying the other gear to match if you really want to look the part!


Now you know all there is to know about RST gloves and how to choose the right pair for you! 

If you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and want to learn more about other products that we recommend, please consider checking out our other reviews.