Got a Harley Davidson? Customise Your Ride with the Right Parts!

When it comes to iconic motorcycles, there’s no match for Harley-Davidson. As a brand with years of experience in the field, they’ve become synonymous with quality and durability. So much so, in fact, both motorcycle enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike are familiar with the name!

There are various reasons why they’ve become a mainstay over the decades. Some of which include the outstanding performance thanks to the reliable engines, the heavyweight design that offers stability and comfort even when touring, and user-friendly maintenance.

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Of course, we can’t leave out the excellent options for customisation either, so if you’ve wished for a personalised ride, you can make the dream come true with this brand. With their wide range of custom Harley parts and accessories, it’s possible to create a bike unlike any other!

Where to Begin with Customising Your Harley?

There are limitless options of what you can do with your bike due to the various US and UK-based companies specialising in creating and selling aftermarket parts. Before delving into the customisation, you need to find a trustworthy retailer that can provide you with an array of products from numerous suppliers.

Whether you’ve got a new motorcycle or have had it for years, you can have fun doing countless upgrades with your pick of Harley Davidson parts. From playing with the aesthetics, and modifying bits for an extra dose of comfort, to slight or heavy alterations with the weight, sound and speed, there are all sorts of ways you can go about improving your riding experience.

Style Changes

Though most people like these timeless bikes as they are, some of us can’t help but want to add a few changes style-wise. You don’t have to go through stone chips to want some paint alterations, however, have in mind it can be a costly upgrade if you opt for a complete touch-up – especially if it’s a limited-edition pack.

Other aesthetic changes can be done with custom Harley parts that differ in colour from your stock components. You’ve got some fancy examples like classy black and sleek chrome. The range is so vast, and you can even find sophisticated choices down to the minor details.

In terms of comfort and safety, you’ve got stylish changes such as those related to the handlebars, seats, windshields, fairings, and lighting.

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Often overlooked, the handlebars can make a world of difference to your machine– particularly when you’re off to ride for hours on end. As crucial components, they’re the very connection you have with the bike, so it’s necessary to get the right pair that offers suitable comfort and ergonomics.

The wrong pair won’t only lead to aches with the hands, cause wrist, elbow, and shoulder strain, but also result in back pain. If you’re familiar with these, then it’s high time you switched for a custom Harley part of the sort.

Some of the designs of handlebars you can shop from are the classic touring bars, also known as drag bars, moustache, ape hangers, z-bars, and beach handlebars. Each of these models comes with its own perks, so it’s best to make the final decision based on what you’re willing to spend on them, as well as the comfort (specifically width, height, and material).


Much like with handlebars, seats are components that shouldn’t be overlooked. When browsing through the options of Harley Davidson custom parts available at specialised suppliers, you’d come across seats in various shapes, sizes, features, materials, stitching, padding and colours, so you’re truly spoiled for choice. If you can’t make up your mind, we don’t blame you – an advisable option is to buy a pair, using the touring seat for long trips, and the low-profile seat for cruising around the city.


There are plenty of bikers who despise the idea of riding their precious Harley Davidson with windshields. And yet, these pieces can be a welcome addition since they offer the right amount of protection against weather elements (wind noise, cold air and precipitation specifically), plus insects and debris.

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There are several types you can pick from with these custom Harley parts. In the example of the fork-mounted, you can choose from the wind splitter, ventilator, king, compact, and sport, the fairing-mounted with the standard model, and the air and wind deflectors.

There’s no right or wrong choice here either because it all comes down to personal preference. Have in mind, though, if a good view is what you require, a windshield that goes up to slightly below your sightline would do.


Custom Harley fairings come with a scope of benefits, providing you and your bike with enhanced aerodynamics, protection against debris, an elevated and unique style, and increased comfort. They’re available in several materials, like aluminium, polymers, fibreglass, and carbon fibre, in addition to a variety of finishes.

In terms of design, there are fully enclosed motorcycle bodies and limited coverage. Leaving style aside, you might want to consider their placement, fit, as well as weight before the purchase.


Another way to amp up your bike’s style while also boosting safety by increasing visibility is to turn to the help from custom Harley parts like lighting. Whether you prefer to switch to new headlights or tail lights, use indicators and accent lighting, or acquire accessories like licence plate supports, a well-stocked retailer would be able to supply you with anything your heart desires. Unlike the stock options, the aftermarket LEDs can truly change your riding experience for the better!

Performance Alterations

While Harleys are generally famous for their robustness, speed isn’t that much their strong side. At least not for most of them. Since their classic V-twin air-cooled engine has undergone few changes over the years, you might be interested in adding some performance upgrades starting with the exhaust.

Depending on the result you’re after, you can opt for the solution of slip-on mufflers or a full exhaust system. The first would add some horsepower but not as much as the latter.

Final Thoughts

Remember, whichever solution you decide to implement, it’s essential to consider the budget and ensure you buy high-quality pieces. After all, it’s your beloved Harley-Davidson you’re buying for!

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