What Is the Difference Between the AGV K3 and K3 SV?

You’re in the market for a new helmet and wondering what the difference between the AGV K3 and K3 SV is, right?

The AGV K3 SV is the successor to the iconic AGV K3, offering a few key improvements over its predecessor.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets these two generations of helmets apart.


Both helmets are made from the same high-strength thermoplastic resin, but the updated K3 SV has a significantly more advanced and aerodynamic design. Two critical improvements boasted by the K3 SV over the regular K3 include a 4-density EPS liner (designed to provide added impact protection) and a redesigned collarbone-safe shape.


The original K3 has long been discontinued, but the K3’s SV-S variant can regularly be found on sale for £150. However, race replicas and specific colourways may vary in price.




The K3 SV is a much sleeker and more modern-looking helmet than the outdated K3. This is partly down to the abundance of new colourways to choose from.

The SV has an aggressive, sweeping nature with a more pronounced chin guard, lending itself to the helmet’s aerodynamics.

The K3 SV-S, specific to the UK market, also features a sleek rear spoiler likening it to the wildly successful AGV K1. However, you’re unlikely to notice the increased stability unless you’re really giving it the beans!


The main difference between the AGV K3 and K3 SV is the integrated sun visor featured on the K3 SV and the rear spoiler on the SV-S.

As if the slew of other improvements weren’t impressive enough, adding a built-in sun visor to the SV makes it far more viable for day-to-day use. As much as we all love a tinted visor, it simply isn’t practical if you’re commuting year-round – not to mention it’s illegal at night.

Final Thoughts

The K3 SV offers improved construction, aerodynamics, and features over the original K3, with the integrated sun visor taking the spotlight.

The K3 SV is a worthy evolution in AGV’s lineup and an excellent choice for those looking for an entry-level motorcycle helmet. It’s affordable, stylish, practical, and ACU gold-approved for use on track. What’s not to love?

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