What Is the Difference Between the AGV K5 and K5-S?

The AGV K5-S is an improved and updated version of the original AGV K5. With enhanced safety features and improved padding, the K5-S offers a superior riding experience to its predecessor.

Read on to learn more about how AGV reworked the K5 to become the middleweight sports-touring legend it is today.


The construction of both the AGV K5 and K5-S is almost identical, with both helmets featuring a multi-fibre shell made from carbon and fibreglass. The outer shell is tough and durable, and the inner lining is made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), which absorbs impact energy.

However, the K5-S has an improved collarbone-safe profile to reduce the possibility of collarbone damage during an accident.


As the standard K5 has long been discontinued, the K5-S is the only option available. This helmet is priced slightly higher than AGV’s entry-level models, starting at £360, but you can often find the K5-S on sale for as little as £210 online.




Visually, the original AGV K5 and the K5-S look similar at a glance, but there are some subtle differences. The most obvious is the redesigned profile of the K5-S, resulting in a more up-to-date and streamlined look.

The K5-S also comes in various colourways, including everything from matt and gloss solid colours to funky options like Tornado and Vulcanum!


From a day-to-day perspective, the most impactful change between the models is in the features. The K5-S comes with an updated comfort liner that addresses the raised seams of the original, making it far more comfortable on longer journeys.

Unlike the standard K5, the K5-S is also shipped with a Pinlock anti-fog insert, which is a nice touch, especially for cold and wet weather riding.

Final Thoughts

Although seemingly small, the changes made by AGV to the K5 were nothing short of a stroke of genius. The K5, in its original guise, was a good helmet, but the K5-S is a far more refined package.

If you’re in the market for an affordable sports-touring helmet, the K5-S should unquestionably be on your radar!