How to Keep Rain Off Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Knowing how to keep rain off your motorcycle helmet visor is something a lot of riders could benefit from. Aside from the obvious impact on visibility, the build-up of rain can be incredibly distracting, which is far from ideal in suboptimal conditions.

In this guide, we’re going to cover our five favourite methods to keep the rain away from your visor, as well as one bonus solution that might surprise you!

1. Keeping Your Visor Clean

Motorcycle rider cleaning helmet visor

As mentioned in our guide to riding in the rain, keeping your helmet’s visor clean is imperative in the wet!

Rainwater tends to build up and collect around dirt and grime, which will directly reduce visibility. From here, most riders will attempt to either lift their visor or frantically try to clean it, reducing concentration on the road ahead. Lifting your visor will also cause it to steam up, so both solutions are far from ideal.

We recommend picking up a visor cleaning kit and giving it a once-over when necessary. Some kits, like these from Muc-Off,  are designed to be used on helmets, visors, and googles, removing the need to faff around with separate solutions. 

If you’re on a tight budget, however, standard window cleaner is a cheap and cheerful alternative that works wonders!

2. Applying Helmet Visor Rain Repellent

So, your visor’s clean. What next? Choosing a rain repellent for helmet visors from the many options available is a surefire solution!

Brands like Nikwax have developed a spray-on solution that works by creating a physical layer between the rain and your visor. This causes the water to run right off, similar to the head turn method we’ll discuss later.

The one downside to this solution is that you will need re-apply the spray after cleaning your visor. Even if you neglect to keep your visor clean, the spray will need to be re-applied every so often anyway.

3. Squeegee Motorcycle Gloves

motorcycle gloves with built-in squeegee

If you own a pair of winter motorcycle gloves, there’s a good chance they came with a built-in squeegee. This is typically a small rubber strip along the side of your left thumb or index finger.

Why the left? This allows you to keep a constant throttle input and wipe your visor clean at the same time.

Pretty clever, right?

The main caveat to this method is that it requires you to essentially put your hand in front of your face for a few seconds. While this isn’t illegal, it is distracting and possibly even dangerous in the wrong situation. Make sure to assess the road ahead carefully and choose your moment wisely!

4. Clip-On Glove Squeegees

If you’re hesitant to purchase a new pair of gloves or stubborn like I am, this is the option for you!

Rain or shine, hot or cold, you’ll find me wearing one of my various pairs of RST gloves. I, for one, have a hatred for bulky winter gloves, so a built-in squeegee isn’t something any of my gloves have.

Thanks to the genius invention that is Vee Wipe, squeegee-ing on the go is now an option for everyone!

These clip-on wipes can be purchased for any gloves and provide the same functionality as the built-in versions. The added benefit being that you can remove and replace them at any time!

The drawback to this solution is that sizing can be a bit of a pain, so make sure to read the reviews and product description for all the info!

5. The Head Turn Method

motorcycle helmet visor in rain

While slightly more rudimentary than the methods above, this is a tried-and-test solution that will never let you down.

Once you’re above 25 mph or so, simply turn your head to either side, and the rain will blow right off.

It’s that simple!

The obvious drawback of this method is that you’ll need to take your eyes off the road for a moment. Similar to carrying out a shoulder check, it is essential to assess the situation ahead before carrying this manoeuvre out.

6. The Potato Method


Now, if you’ve made it this far and you’re still unsure which method/s to choose, let us throw a curveball into the mix!

If you’re stuck in heavy rainfall with only yourself, your motorcycle, and… a potato, this is the method for you.

Simply cut the potato in half and rub one side onto your visor. This will leave a thin film that should act as a semi-effective water repellant. Obviously, we’d recommend buying an actual water repellent spray, but where’s the fun in that?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Rain Repellent for a Motorcycle Visor?

We’ve had great success using Nikwax Visor Proof. Nikwax is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to apply (unlike solvent sprays). If you still aren’t convinced, Nikwax is WaterBased, environmentally friendly, and non-hazardous, meaning you’ll cause no damage to your helmet or the environment.

In our opinion, this is by far the best rain repellent for visors on the market today.

Final Thoughts

Much like cleaning and lubricating your chain, keeping the rain off your motorcycle helmet visor is an ongoing effort.

If you find yourself frequently getting caught in the rain, it could be worth investing in at least one of the solutions we’ve recommended in the guide.

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