Is The AGV K1 SNELL Approved?

AGV doesn’t submit any of its helmets for SNELL approval, so the AGV K1 is not SNELL approved.

With that being said, the AGV K1 does carry DOT certification (US), a European ECE 22.05 safety rating, as well as a 4-Star SHARP rating.

What is SNELL?

Founded in 1957, the Snell Memorial Foundation is a voluntary testing procedure. SNELL approval is only required by certain race bodies in the USA and is not equivalent to worldwide road-legal safety standards.

AGV K1 Helmet Side Profile

What is the DOT Safety Standard?

The Department of Transport (DOT) standard FMVSS No.218 is a series of safety compliance tests that every road-legal helmet in the USA must pass.

What is the ECE 22.05 Safety Rating?

Regulation #22 was established by ECE, formerly known as the Economic Commission for Europe. ECE 22.05 is a minimum requirement for motorcycle helmets to be licensed as road-legal in Europe.

ECE certification is the most widely accepted standard across the board, used in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

What is the SHARP Rating System?

Established in 2007, SHARP is a 5-point British rating scheme for motorcycle helmets. Their goal is to improve motorcycle safety on UK roads by linking real-world data to a series of lab-based impact tests.

Final Thoughts

Although the AGV K1 is not SNELL approved, it does comply with all US & EU helmet regulations and scored highly according to SHARP’s testing procedures.

We think the AGV K1 is a great entry-level helmet that’s suitable for a wide range of riders. Coming in at less than £200, it’s affordable, comfortable, and bound to impress!