Why are AGV Helmets So Expensive?

AGV helmets tend to be more expensive because they are industry-leading. Many of the helmets in AGV’s lineup benefit directly from the extensive research and development carried out to protect Moto GP riders.

Can I Find an AGV Helmet Within My Budget?

AGV offers an extensive range of motorcycle helmets for every type of rider at varying price points. 

The AGV K1 is geared towards sporty road riders in the entry-level bracket and is available from around £100. If you’re looking for something more retro, the AGV Legends lineup starts from the £120 mark.

The AGV Corsa could be a worthwhile upgrade if you’re tempted by the odd track day. The Corsa-R starts at £600 in solid colours but can often be found for around £450 on sale. For the track day enthusiasts among you, the AGV Pista GP-RR could be a better option yet. Marketed as AGV’s premium race helmet and worn by Valentino Rossi himself, the Pista was designed purely for performance. Despite the RRP of £1,100, we’ve seen these go for as little as £750 on sale, which is an absolute steal!

For those of you who dabble in off-roading, the AX9 can be snagged in a sale for less than £200. The AX series provides unrivalled versatility with the ability to morph between a fully functional road-going and off-road helmet!

Are AGV Helmets Worth the Price?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends entirely on the rider and their perception of value. 

In our opinion, though, AGV strikes a near-perfect balance between quality, performance, and cost across their entire range. This is achieved through their dedication to consistent development and manufacturing their entry-level models in China to reduce costs. This includes helmets such as the K1, K3 & K5, to name a few examples.

Final Thoughts

In this short guide, we’ve outlined why some of AGV’s helmets are so expensive, as well as a few budget-friendly options to consider.

Despite the hefty price tag often associated with AGV, we firmly believe that they’re worth every penny. After all, can you put a price on safety?