Do AGV Helmets Run Small?

When it comes to helmets, regardless of the brand, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether they run small, big, or fit true to size. While the answer largely depends on your head shape and the particular model, let’s discuss some general AGV sizing tips!

How Do AGV Helmets fit?

While the natural shape of the human head is always the starting point, every helmet will fall somewhere in the spectrum between round and oval. AGV’s sportier helmets, such as the K1, generally fall into the intermediate oval category. This means that the helmets are considerably wider at the rear, tapering in towards the front.

Depending on the model, AGV constructs its helmets using anywhere from 2-4 different shell sizes. Entry-level helmets are usually offered in 2, the smaller shell being used for sizes: XS, S, and MS, switching to the larger shell for ML through to XXXL. However, more expensive options such as the Pista and Corsa are both offered in 4.

If you find yourself stuck between two sizes, struggling to get the perfect fit, don’t fret! AGV offers a range of internal padding options for most of its helmets. This allows riders to tailor the padding in their lids to fit precisely the way they want.

rider wearing grey AGV helmet

So, Do AGV Helmets Run Small/Big?

Due to their sporting nature, most AGV’s are designed with quite a narrow opening, which makes for a relatively snug fit around the neck and cheek area. While many riders will find this comfortable and rather reassuring, it does come down to a matter of preference.

The consensus online is that AGV’s tend to run slightly smaller than many of their competitors. While this isn’t entirely false, it is somewhat misleading, as it’s the close-fitting padding that gives off this impression.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve probably heard time and again, we recommend heading to your local dealership and trying on the gear first-hand. While you can undoubtedly learn a lot from reading online reviews, no amount of research can replace actually getting hands-on with a product.